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How to create an office?
How to create an office?

Let's guide you through the process of creating an office as a resource

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How to Create a New Office in Pult

Creating a new office in our application is simple, streamlined, and customizable. The application allows you to customize your office settings according to your requirements. Here's how to get started:

1. Click on 'Desks'

After logging into your account (admin dashboard), find and click on the 'Desks' button. This button is located on the dashboard left in the navigation panel.

2.Click on 'Add Office'

Click on the 'Add Office' button. This button is located on the upper right corner of the "Desks" page.

3. Fill out the Office Details

Here, you will be asked to provide several details:

  • Office Emoji: Choose an emoji that represents your office best. It'll be used as an icon for your office in the App.

  • Office Name: Give your office a unique name that's easy to recognize. E.g. "Apple HQ" or "Apple HQ Floor 1" (in case you have multiple Floors).

  • Label: Typically, this would be the city or location of the office. E.g. "NYC"

Choose your Capacity mode

Choose between 'Unlimited' or 'Limited'. If you choose 'Unlimited', unlimited users can check into the office. With 'Limited', you must specify the maximum number of people who can occupy the office. Both of these options work without a floor plan.

Choosing the Floor Plan:

If you want to create a floorplan for your office to book specific desks, click 'Floorplan' and 'Create Floor Plan' on the big green button below.

This leads you to the floor plan builder of PULT. Click here to see how the floorplan builder works.

Choose the Booking Mode

You can choose how you want your office to be booked.

These options are only available if you choose 'Unlimited' or 'Limited'. If you create a floor plan, you automatically select 'First-come, First-serve'. There are three options:

  • First-come, first-serve: This option allows anyone to book a seat in the office until all the seats are taken. After this, no more bookings are possible.

  • On request: With this option, everyone must make a request and be accepted to book a seat in the office.

  • Hybrid: This option combines the previous two. It allows first-come, first-serve booking until only a fixed number of seats remain. After this, all additional bookings must be on request.

Enable Booking Priority (Optional)

If you want to keep a number of seats available for prioritized users, enable 'Booking Priority'.

This will reserve some seats for users with a higher priority level.

Save the Settings

Once you've filled out all the information and customized your office settings, click on 'Save'. You can change these settings later if you'd like to.

Your chosen settings should reflect your office's real-life characteristics and the company's needs/policies. You can always make changes later.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to create a new office using our app.

If you need any more help, please reach out to our support team.

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