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How to Understand the PULT Dashboard

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Here we will explain how to interpret the various statistics and graphs on the PULT Dashboard. The PULT Dashboard provides valuable insights into your office usage based on data collected from our desk booking, room booking, and other office management solutions.

Office Insights

In the "Office Insights" section, you'll find a range of information relevant to your office's daily use:

  1. Capacity Utilized:

    This indicates the percentage of total capacity that has been used. For example, a value of 2.00% means that 2% of the office's capacity (total seats available) is being utilized.

  2. Avg. daily office usage:

    This is the average number of people who use the office daily.

  3. Office attendance per person (selected timespan):

    This represents the average number of times each person has attended the office within the selected time span.

  4. Total capacity:

    This is the total number of seats or workspaces available in your office.

Average Check-ins by Weekday

This graph shows the average number of people who check-in to the office on each day of the week.

For example, you may see that more people check-in on Tuesdays than on Mondays.

This can help you identify patterns or trends in office attendance.

Daily Check-ins by Office

This is a line graph showing the number of check-ins at your office for each day. You can use this to track the frequency of office usage over time.

Average Daily Capacity Usage by Office

This is a comparison of the average daily usage for each of your offices.

For example, "Pult HQ (Schanze)" may have an average daily usage of 2.14, while "Office 2.0 (NYC)" may have an average daily usage of 0.09.

This allows you to compare usage between different offices.

Overview: Office Usage in Past 3 Months

This section gives a detailed breakdown of office usage for each individual office over the past three months.

Each office is listed with its total capacity and a day-by-day breakdown of usage.

his allows you to see patterns of usage over time, and understand how each office's usage compares to its total capacity.

Remember, understanding your office's usage patterns can help you make more informed decisions about your workspace. Whether it's identifying underutilized resources, planning for future capacity needs, or simply understanding how your team uses the office, the PULT Dashboard is a powerful tool for office management.

If you need further assistance or have more questions about interpreting your PULT Dashboard, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!

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