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How do I create teams / groups?
How do I create teams / groups?

How to create teams or groups on PULT

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In this article, you will learn how to create teams, aka. groups on PULT.

Step 1: Access Team Management

Sign in to your PULT Dashboard account as an Admin and navigate to the "Teams" area. Here, you can see and manage all of your current teams or groups.

Step 2: Create a Group

To create a new group, click on the "Create a group" button.

Name group/team

Give your group a unique name so that it can be easily identified later.

To do this, simply click on "New group" and change the given name. This new name will be saved automatically.

Note: The default setting for newly created groups is "Default Group/Unassigned". This means that all new members you add initially belong to no specific group.

Step 3: Add Members

Once you have created your group, it's time to add members. Click on the "Add Member" button or "Add from Slack channel" if you wish to add members from a specific Slack channel.

Step 4: Enable PULT for the Group

To enable PULT for your group, click on the "Enable Pult" button. This will activate PULT for all members of your group.

Users who are not enabled will not be billed.

Step 5: Enable Booking Priority

With the "Enable booking priority" function, you can activate booking priority for the users in this group. The priority settings are configured on a per-office basis.

Step 6: Set up Office Limitations

You can restrict access to specific offices in the "Office limitations" area. People in this group will then only be able to access selected offices.

Click on "Manage" to configure these restrictions.

Delete Group

If you no longer need a group, you can delete it by clicking on "Delete Group". Please note that groups can't be deleted if there are still users assigned.

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