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Guest booking

This article will show you how to book a desk for a guest.

Pult allows you to easily book a workspace for guests. This is helpful if you have clients, contractors, or other visitors who need to use your workspace.

  1. Navigate to the Pult Web App and click on Guest booking at the top.

  2. Click on + Add new guest

  3. Enter the First name, Last name and email address of your guest and then click on create:

  4. Select the duration of the visit (whole day or first half/second half) and pick an office location and desk for your guest. You can send a notification email to your guest if you wish. Click on Book once you are happy with your selection:

That's it! You've just booked a desk for your guest. Your upcoming bookings will be shown on the Guest booking screen:

You can choose between two different views, weekly (above) or monthly (below).

How to delete a booking

You can easily delete a booking. Simply hover over the name of your guest, click x.

You can choose to notify the guest by email.