MS Teams Integration

This article will show you how to add Pult to your MS teams instance

This guide walks you through the process of setting up PULT in your Microsoft Teams instance.


  • A Microsoft account with administrator rights.

  • The Microsoft AD integration must have been completed


  1. Sign in to the Pult Dashboard, select Integrations and click on + Add under MS Teams:

  2. Download the Pult Teams App zip file:

  3. Navigate to the MS Teams app management page:

  4. The process continues in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Click on Upload new app:

  5. Click on Upload and select the zip file that you dowloaded earlier:

  6. Click on the link in the confirmation screen to manage the app you've just installed.

  7. Now the app should be available for installation within the Teams client. This article shows you how to pin the Pult App to the sidebar in MS Teams.

    You will find a more detailed interactive guide for adding the Pult app to Teams at the bottom of this page.