Office Insights V2.0

How to understand the new Office Insights

With Office Insights, you have the power to make data-driven decisions that enhance office efficiency, improve employee engagement, and foster a productive workplace culture. By understanding the nuances of office utilization and employee attendance patterns, you can implement targeted initiatives that address specific needs, whether it's optimizing space usage, enhancing team collaboration, or refining workplace policies.

Navigating Office Insights: Filters and Time Selection

Office Insights features a user-friendly interface with three primary filters: Employee/Team, Office/Location, and Time Selection. These filters allow you to tailor the dashboard view to your specific needs, enabling you to analyze data for all employees, teams, or entire office locations over selected time periods.:

  • Team Filter: Select data for all employees or specific teams, or individual employees. Use the dropdown menu for easy navigation.

  • Office/Location Filter: View insights by office floor or city to understand how different locations are utilized.

  • Select a time frame: Choose from predefined ranges (Today, Last 7/30/90 Days) or set a custom period to analyze trends over time.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) explained

1. Avg. Daily Office Usage

Understand the average office attendance on business days, helping you gauge the overall utilization of your workspace.

2. Capacity Utilized

This KPI shows the percentage of office capacity used, offering insights into how effectively you're utilizing available resources.

Track performance changes over time with this overall percentage change indicator, based on your selected time range.

3. Most and Least Visited Days

Identify which days see the highest and lowest office attendance, allowing for targeted adjustments to improve engagement and utilization.

4. Most to Least Utilized Office

Discover which offices or floors are most in demand, guiding you in resource allocation and space planning.

5. Avg Check-ins by Weekday

Analyze office visits by day of the week, sorted by team, to better understand team dynamics and office preferences.

6. Average Office Attendance

See how frequently employees visit the office on average, a critical metric for planning and policy development.

7. Average Team Office Attendance

Lists the average office attendance broken down by team

8. Total capacity

How many desks there are currently combined in all selected offices.

9. Office Regulars

Segments your workforce based on their office attendance patterns, from regulars to less frequent visitors, to tailor engagement strategies effectively.

10. Daily Check-ins by Office

A day-to-day breakdown of office check-ins provides a granular look at office utilization patterns.

11. Office Usage

Detailed insights into average occupancy rates by office and floor, helping you maximize space efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Office Insights is more than just a dashboard; it's your strategic partner in workplace management. By harnessing the power of real-time data and analytics, you can unlock the full potential of your office environment, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of your team and business.

For further assistance or to provide feedback on Office Insights, please contact our support team.