Personio Set up

How to set up the Personio integration with your PULT account in very simple steps

Step 1

Prepare Personio API credentials.

  • Login to Personio (Preferably as an admin or with the appropriate rights) and navigate to SettingsAPI credentials

  • Click on “Generate new credentials”, fill out the form as pictured below, and press “Generate new credentials”

    Readable employee attributes: Absence entitlement, City, Created at, Department, Email, Employee ID, First name, Hire date, Last modified, Last name, Office, Position, Postcode, Profile Picture, Public holidays, Status, Supervisor, Team, Termination date, Vacation day balance, Weekly hours, Work schedule

  • Save API credentials (client id and client secret) to a secure location

Step 2

Setup Pult-specific absence type.

  • Login to Personio and navigate to SettingsAbsence

  • Create a new absence type by typing in “Pult - Home Office” into the text field “New Type” and clicking the “+” Button.


  • Navigate to the newly created absence type and click on “Edit”.


  • Make sure you have the settings adjusted like the settings depicted in the image below.

  • Save the newly applied by pressing “Save changes”.

Step 3

Enable Personio Integration in Pult

  • Open Pult Dashboard

  • Navigate to IntegrationsPersonio

  • Click on “Add” and fill in the saved Personio API credentials from Step 1

  • Finalize the activation by clicking on “Link Personio”. This will validate the API credentials and verify whether the appropriate scopes have been set. Furthermore, initial data synchronization will be triggered.

Transfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Personio to Pult including:

first name
last name
weekly working hours
hire date
termination date
holiday calendar
absence entitlement
work schedule
vacation day balance
profile picture
created at ± Last modified at