Room Booking Settings in Pult App

This article will guide you on how to manage and adjust your room booking settings in the Pult App.

To use Pult Meeting Rooms, you must have a pre-configured integration with either Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook as a resource provider.

In the beta stage of our platform, the Pult app allows users to enable or alter several settings related to Pult Rooms.

Rooms Resource Provider

Each instance of Pult Rooms can only work with one resource provider at a time. You have the option of either Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, depending on your current setup.


Once Google Calendar has been set as your resource provider, Pult provides you with the capability to oversee and book meeting rooms.

Microsoft Outlook

If Microsoft Outlook is your resource provider, you also gain the functionality to manage and book meeting rooms via Pult.

Enable Rooms

To manage and book meeting rooms offered by the resource provider via Pult, you need to enable the function. Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to the 'Room Settings' section in the Pult Dashboard at

  2. Find and select the 'Enable Rooms' option.

  3. Switch this feature on.

Following these steps will give you the ability to manage and reserve meeting rooms through the Pult app.


Ensure to save any changes you make in the settings by clicking the 'Save' button. This will keep your new preferences intact and operational.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our customer service team. We hope this guide simplifies your interaction with the room booking settings on the Pult app.