Set a separate flow for Ad Hoc visitors

This article will show you how to add a different flow for Ad Hoc visitors

Subscription required: Please note that the features below are only available with a Visitors Add-On subscription. Choose the plan that best suits your needs to gain access.

The Ad Hoc Check-In allows visitors without an invitation to register and check-in directly on the kiosk device.

It might be required to ask this group of visitors different questions than visitors with an invitation.

You can create a separate flow for Ad-Hoc visitors.  Once you've created the flow you can easily link it to the desired kiosk devices.

Navigate to Visitors, Kiosk Devices and click on the desired device.

Chose the relevant flow from the dropdown menu under Visitor flow for ad-hoc guests:

That's it! You've just assigned a flow for your Ad-Hoc visitors to your devices!